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April 30 2021 - Definitive Back Catalogue Remaster Project and Soft Launch of Shiver Hippie Records

I am beyond thrilled to finally announce my Definitive Back Catalogue Remaster Project. This is an extremely personal and yet limitlessly exciting project for me, as it represents an integral crossroads in my life. I need to make peace with the past before I can move into the future with grace.

Since I was a child I just wanted to sing and play guitar. It's been the only thing that truly feeds my soul and gives me joy both unto myself, and to share boundlessly with others. I have been trying my hand at writing, playing and showcasing music since I was 9 years old and although it has always been a part of me, there’s another part of me that always held back. Something within me has provided me with an epic internal struggle over the last 15 years, wherein I can see the path and I can see what I have to do but my feet feel locked in place, and my heart feels like a stone. Why is it such a heavy thing to put yourself out there?

I’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy, and even jealousy and envy towards the successes of some of the dearest people in my life (I am truly blessed to have been surrounded by some of those most incredible artists through my life and career). I have both subconsciously and actively sabotaged myself at various points, used drugs and alcohol as an emotional crutch and excuse to act poorly and numb my self loathing, all the while having all the answers and tools within myself and in the love, empathy and understanding of so many people along the way. This has led to many lacklustre and half assed attempts at a lot of things through the years.

I’m f***ing done with that shit.

The last year has been a tough one for every single person I know. The world and the future won’t get brighter by itself, and now I feel a new obsession. I feel that Music, Art and Live Events, long “under threat”, are now at the very precipice of existing in any recognizable form that we once knew. These are my people, my places, my things. These are our people, our places and our things. If you’ve read this far, these are your people, your places, your things. Assumptions or hopes of a return to normality are not enough for me - I want to be a better person, artist, collaborator and friend and I want to manifest all of those aspects of myself around music and community.

So now I’m here to celebrate and share. I want to say goodbye to an old version of me, but your past is still you, and I don’t want to lock him in the basement. So instead I will build a new one floor open concept “Bungalow Mansion” where old and new versions of all the things I love can come and go and mingle and inspire and create. It’s time to go home and set out on the path, maybe they were always one and the same.

So we’re going to start in reverse order with my last release - my first full band solo album Togetheralone on May 7th! Over the course of the next months, I’ll be rereleasing the entire New Teeth back catalog, the infamous solo acoustic Brown Mouse Knows How He Will Die tracks, as well as a bunch of other stuff I’ve done over the years. In order to do this and effectively tell the stories of these works, I’m also delighted to announce the soft launch of my personal imprint label Shiver Hippie Records. Short term it will serve as a way of organizing my own works, but ultimately I want to be a champion of art and people I believe in.

But let’s end at the start of this re-start, you can pre save the Definitive ReMastered Version on Spotify at the link below, and I’ll be up and running across all streaming platforms May 7th 2021!

Lucas MacKenzie Music

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